Inhumane media 

I have been working in news media for past 4 years now. In these 4 years I witnessed multiple colours of the field. Their strategy, their passion, race for TRP and what not.

Very recently, I witnessed a new colour which I named as ‘colour of inhumanity’

It is about the recent blast in one of the hospital in Odisha which left 23 people killed and many injured. The day the news broke, it was a focus for all the channels. They all covered it heavily. Running behind each bit and honestly, these guys left no stone unturn in bringing the latest to all of you. ( respect)

The next day, fire broke out in a Mumbai building where one of the business tycoon’s relative were staying. They broke the news however all of them safe

While at the same time, a new development cropped up in the Odisha case, that cbi probe has been ordered. And the channel I am working for started sharing the news first on the ticker( the bottom band if the screen..which carries the breaking news in a bold and flashy way)

What happened after that left me stunned, disappointed and ashamed at the same time. The owner of the channel came out shouting from her cabin “why are we even running the news of odisha? It two days old news.” When the person accountable told her that 23 people died in the incident. This a big tragedy and there is a big development in the case. We must run it. She on the other hand said “its just 23 people. Toh kya ho gya. Big deal”

Seriously? This is how we are know as the fourth pillar of the society? *sick*


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