When I met a heartless Aunty in metro

I don’t understand where the humanity is going ? Sharing an incident happened a few minutes back. One 70 year old man dared to board in ladies coach. Probably to avoid madness of general coach but poor uncle,  who couldn’t even stand properly,  had no idea that ladies in Delhi Metro can go to any extent just to grab the seat. Thus, uncle didn’t get the seat, thanks to all young girls and aunties. Anyway, suddenly a voice was heard from the crowd,  here comes one courageous girl, who couldn’t control the attyachar on that poor uncle, came forward and pleaded before sitting ladies to vaccate a seat for him but no, one stubborn lady asked her to shut up by saying ” Arey ye general coach me Kyu nahi Gaye..waha seat mil jayegi..galti inki hai.hum Kyu uthe?”
I was stunned.. What kind of attitude is this? 
I’m sure if the same would have happened to her in general coach she must have killed the man with abusive looks..
What’s wrong ladies? Have a heart.. Be human.. It’s not a gender fight.. It is about an aged man who must be of your father’s age.or grandparents to some.
Unfortunately these are the same people who goes temple daily to impress different gods on different days.. Keeps fasts..but my dear young Girls and aunties Bhagwaan ji Aese Khush nahi hote.. All your efforts will go in vain if you don’t have a heart to help someone in nee
Think about it! 



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