What’s the difference?

My friend called me up and said ” Yaar what is wrong with these Chinese people?  Why don’t they just stop this Yulin dog meat festival? I love dogs and can’t see this gruesome act. It must be stopped. I have signed various petitions on social media, you also do the same. Okay,  I am going for my dinner. I have made delicious chicken. Catch you later! ”
These were the words that shooked me from inside. No,  not the fact about Yulin dog meat festival but the drama of being human and crying about the same on social media. On one hand,  you are being outrageous against the festival while on the other you are killing animals. Why?  Does chicken tastes better than a dog?  Or you hate chicken and wants to kill the same and think that their right place is in your plate? 
It’s clear that it is not the humanity speaking in such large numbers rather it is just a drama to be human.
Isn’t a double standard?  Don’t other innocent lives which you find delicious have any right to live?  Have they been created to be served in your plates? 
Spare a thought guys!
There is no big difference between your act and that of Chinese.
Before signing any petition and claiming that you love animals, make sure that you seriously do.
And stop making mockery of your own!
P.S.- I don’t support Yulin dog meat festival at all infact I am against every act which involves animals killing. Because I love them 🙂


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