It happens only in India

Like every scheme “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” is also losing its ‘charm’. Launched with much hope,  expectations and enthusiasm- Clean India Mission’s image was tarnished in my eyes when I saw a mother directing her daughter to throw the wrapper ( of some chips which they ate in the metro, ignoring the repeated announcements) on the road only and not in the bin.
I am stunned, because of the people,  their attitude,  don’t they even think about the man behind the scheme,  Narendra Modi who being the Prime Minister of the nation wielded the broom just to set an example before these dumb people to follow him in the mission of cleaning India. I don’t understand why are people just  concerned about cleaning their homes,  why not your society?  And if you can’t do this,  then for god sake stop cribbing about the same. I feel sorry for the future generation for the values we are inculcating in them,  for the way we are nurturing them.
How sad is the situation of this country.


3 thoughts on “It happens only in India

  1. hmmm.. if you ask this question to other citizens you only get one answer and that is the title of you posts..I live in chandigarh and most of us are in a habit of throwing the trash in the can but when I do it somewhere else everybody just looks at me like I committed a sin… nice post though !

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