Jehangir Pocha Passes Away!

It was quite shocking to know about Jehangir Pocha’s demise. At first I thought somebody is just spreading rumors about him as we have already seen in case of Yo Yo Honey Singh! but since the source of my news was reliable so I rechecked it on google. I opened my Facebook account and saw people and my ex colleagues have posted about the sudden death of Mr Pocha. I got shocked, My legs started shivering..It was unbelievable and hard to digest.Since I was not accepting it I scrolled down and I found 10 more post on Facebook about Mr Pocha’s death. I felt numb..

I have worked in Newsx for 2 years. I worked with Jehangir Pocha who is known for his editorial skill. I know how lively he was. An Evergreen Personality. Suddenly my mind is caught in flashback mode as I heard about his sudden demise. Replaying moments from the last 2 years I spent in NEWSX. The way he used to shout, the way he used to appreciate good work, the way he used to celebrate employee’s birth day, the way he used to joke about his baldness. Tears started rolling from my eyes as I couldn’t stop myself.

I recollected all the memories specially the one where he appreciated my work. His cheerful smile on his face and ‘Being Young’ attitude used to infused a great energy into the newsroom.

I truly consider myself lucky that I got a chance to work under the guidance of such a great journalist. I genuinely would like to pay gratitude to him for criticizing & appreciating my work which made me a better person.

RIP Jehangir Sir!




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