Happiness lies within!!

So are you looking for happiness? I guess we all are!! Some are searching their happiness in their partners, some in new house, some in good reputed job, while some in new car and when we don’t get that we feel depressed.. we curse our environment, our destiny and god for not giving us what we desire..

Well!! No doubt that this is important.. a good house, car, satisfactory job.. all are important!! But doesn’t mean we will cry and feel depressed when we don’t have it..

Fact is that true happiness lies with in us..We are the kings and queens of our world.. We decide what should bother us and what should not.. No external envt should have the power to control or curb our happiness.. We all have the extreme potential with in us..As Buddhism says -We are not driven by environment instead environment is driven by us..Always try to create such life state of absolute happiness that even after not fulfilling a desire your life condition doesn’t affect.

Create a palace of happiness in your own heart, the indestructible bastion of happiness that so many are eagerly seeking..There are people who are living a luxurious life.. have fine houses to live in or possess great wealth nut if their hearts are mean and their life condtions are low they will not be truly happy; they will be dwelling in palaces of misery.Incontrast people who have beautiful, generous hearts and a high life condition, irrespective of their present circumstances are certain to attain both spritual and materialistic happiness.


We need to have few points in mind to create indestructible palace of happiness in our heart.. OUR CHECKLIST FOR HAPPINESS:

1- Courage: This is the first condition for happiness. Courageous people can overcome anything. The cowardly, on the other hand, because of their lack of of courage, fail to savor the true, profound joys of life. This is most unfortunate

2-Compassion: Second condition to become happy is that one must have compassion, love for other. Respect each life.. Love people around you in order to get that back.

3-To be filled each day with a rewarding sense of exhaliration and purpose, a sense of tasks accomplished and deep fulfillment- people who feel this way are happy. Those who have this sense of satisfaction even if they are extremely busy are much happier than those who have free time on their hands but feel empty inside

4-Fourth condition of being happy is tolerance. Those who are tolerant and broad minded make people feel comfortable and at ease.

So please check if you all possess these above mentioned qualities if  not look for it, they are buried deep inside you. There is nothing that you can’t achieve. We all possess the limitless power.

Remember one thing One happy soul can make thousands happy and thus the entire nation. So make this world happier..by your attitude, by your smile, by your words, by your actions!!

Because Happiness doesnot lie in outward appearances or in vanity. It is a matter of what we feel inside!!




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